Willicae Strongsteel, Human Paladin


Born in a far off land, it was a Kingdom in a constant state of war. At age 8, he was forced into servitude aboard a sailing ship. During an excursion, his ship attacked those of another nation. His vessel was defeated and those that weren’t killed were taken as captives. The commander of the opposing force took pity on the boy and sent him back to live with his family. He was raised by this family and given a new chance to make something of himself. After learning of an Order of Paladins that trained at a nearby Monastery, he set his sights on becoming one of them. He has completed his training and has set out to seek his fortunes. After equipping himself and travelling to the big city, he’s found himself without any money. As luck would have it, he’s been offered a chance to serve with the Sundered Bastion…



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