Tiefling Mage


Backstory known by other players:
“What justice is it that they all died and I live?”

Inferno joined the Sundered Bastion a little over six months ago, and is the sole survivor of an ill-fated delve into what was thought to be a derelict cavern, with the other members of his company being slain by a mighty dragon. He was reassigned to this party, and the cavern cordoned off as off-limits until some higher-level adventurers can be hired to clear the place out.
The experience seems to haunt Inferno… is it survivor’s guilt, or something more sinister? In either case, the Bastion has cleared him of any wrongdoing, and placed him with your company.
Little is known about Inferno prior to his military career, and he volunteers little. He occasionally refers to a late sister, killed during some unnamed tragedy long since past.

Characteristics known by other players:
“This had better be worth the cost.”

Like many Tieflings, Inferno took his name based on his natural aptitude for the Wizardly arts. He’s 22 years old, and has been with the Bastion for six months. In that time, he has neither endeared himself to others nor rubbed them the wrong way – rather, he’s largely kept to himself and avoided drawing attention.

He stands tall, for a Tiefling, at 6’, but is gangly and wirey. His skin is a deep scarlet, and his hands bear perpetual scorch marks from his frequent use of fire spells. He has no tattoos, and long purple hair that gets progressively redder as he expends more arcane power each day. Long horns curl around his head, and seem to subtly perk up as he becomes interested in a topic. His eyes are a bright red that seem to glow with perpetual, barely-contained rage.
In diplomatic situations, he’s not unschooled in the art of tact, though he has no interest in groveling before minor peasant lords. He knows that his company could lay waste of any hamlet whose Mayor plots to cheat them out of a reward, but also that doing so overly often would likely reduce their customer base down the road.

He bristles with arcane power, and favors spells of mass destruction, particularly evocations that channel fire. While he can be a terror on large groups of weak enemies, he’s physically weak and eschews physical combat at all costs.

Inferno prides himself a master of knowledge of the intangible, being an expert in not just Arcana but also Religion. His gift for insight has been known to get him out of tight spots, but his fiery temper just as often gets him into them.

It can be assumed that, as he grows more powerful, Inferno will continue to grow his power as a master of area-affect spells, but he’ll also likely take utility powers that grant mobility and the ability to influence others outside of combat. He’ll also likely study rituals that provide useful abilities, at a cost.



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