Shadar Kai Ranger


Once humans who hoped to cheat death, the Shadar-kai, natives of the Shadowfell, have forged an
identity all their own. Thrill seekers and devotees of the Raven Queen, they have spread across the
Multiverse, even to the mortal realm.
Long eons in the Shadowfell have shaped the Shadar-kai into a fiery and, some say, cruel people.
Fighting the apathy pervasive in their home plane, Shadar-kai live passionately and fearlessly, if grimly.
They see themselves as instruments of death and dissolution, the bringers of the righteous end to
complacency, stagnation, and life itself. Theirs is a harsh society of self-interest. Among shadar-kai, the
strong of body and mind excel and create legends. The weak molder to dust, passing into eternity
Codren was born in an unnamed city of the Shadowfell
and spent much of his early childhood there. His
parents had the opportunity to move to the material
plane for a greater adventure and took Codren with
them. Once on the other side, however, his parents
realized that raising a child and adventuring was not as
simple a task as expected and dropped him off at an
orphanage. He is young, and his lust for visceral
experience has certainly not been diminished by his
stay in this world. As a Shadar-kai, Codren knows that
death is inevitable and, in fact, waiting for him to simply
submit. A violent death holds far less fear for Codren
than the awful “fading” that so many of his kin have
fallen to.
After striking out on his own as a young man, Codren
fell in with the Cult of the Moon who worship Sehanine,
God of moon and autumn, patron of trickery and
illusions. When he realized that the Cult had less
interest in adventure, and more in sitting around talking
about Sehanine, Codren left the Cult and struck out on
his own. The Cult of the Moon does not suffer
departures lightly and it is said that one who does is forever marked for death by the remaining
members. While he does still worship Sehanine, his ultimate allegiance is always, of course, to the
Raven Queen who his people long ago pledged to serve.
Tall for his race, Codren stands only 5’8" and is of slight build. His white hair and alabaster skin are a
result of the sunless life he has lived until leaving the ethereal plane where he was born. His eyes are
none the friendlier, a raven black without any clear indication of pupils or white. When attention is
shifted to his shadow it seems wrong somehow, being darker than it should be and shifting slightly on its
The tattoos displayed on much of Codren’s body and face are not mere symbols. Rather, they are
further examples of his quest for sensation. Piercings are also common among his kind. In the
Shadowfell, this was often the only way one could feel anything at all and Codren has been loath to
abandon the traditions of his people even having lived much of his life here on this physical plane. He
wears black cloth and leather armor that hugs close to the body.
Codren’s weapons of choice are two scimitars which he is fairly adept at wielding simultaneously,
though he generally starts off a fight with just one in hand. He does like a good fight and doesn’t want
to overpower his opponents too quickly. His Ranger training has been gained here and there with no
single instructor and, as such, is a bit unpredictable. While his is quite good at sticking to the shadows
(in some cases quite literally), Codren prefers to display his great athletic ability and pound down his
opponents with a withering double-bladed attack full of shifting sidesteps. It often seems as though he
literally comes out of nowhere which he is in fact capable of. If he has to stand and fight while
outnumbered and surrounded, he is definitely up to the challenge.



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