Tales of the Sundered Bastion

Session 02: Stews and Ruse

The party returns with the Staff of Earthen Might but disagrees on how to dispense with it, with some party member less informed about the debate than others. Willicae, having, temporarily at least, shaken off the effects of the Black Burn, heads into town to have the staff appraised by the merchant Pung while the rest of the party considers other options.

Hilk, signed on for another tour of duty, remains insistent the party should travel to Wish-eye. The party stops at the Fickle Fate Inn, where the Innkeeper Rom provides them a safe room. As Pung arrives to offer an appraisal, he is offended by the party’s unrelenting haggling and leaves without offering an evaluation.

The party, now somewhat backed into a corner, must travel to Wish-eye with the offering gift of Rom’s stew. There they are greeted by the eccentric sorceror, who offers to identify their item and a magical cloak (Gloaming Shroud +1) if they will travel to one of two possible entrances into the deep Scar.

The party agrees and picks the path of the mountain pass, difficult terrain that threatens to separate the party, but they manage to track each other down and prepare to enter a dark cave.



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